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Saeed Ullah Khan Niazi | Chief Financial Officer

A reference in the world of finance, Saeed Niazi comes with over 15 years’ experience corporate investment, treasury, accounting and audit. His professional career began at a world renewed chartered accountancy firm, before joining the Lahore Stock Exchange for 5 years. Joining Avanceon in 2008 as Group Manager for General Accounting across the global operation, he was promoted to Financial Controller and Company Secretary in 2012 before taking the title of CFO in April 2014.

Saeed was central to the smooth execution of the IPO, successfully issuing 25 million shares in November 2013 and ensuring all necessary legal and financial documentation were prepared in advance. Renowned for his sense of integrity and his commitment towards transparency and commitment, Saeed oversees treasury, financial planning, Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement and all other areas with financial and statutory implications, implementing many company enhancements during his tenure, including tax savings, mark-up reductions, ERP implementation with centralized accounting and online treasury functions  and maintaining low outgoings by running an efficient and timely department.

Apart from excelling in his role as CFO, Saeed is a dedicated manager who ensure the growth of his team.  Saeed Niazi is also the founder of the Avanceon Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.


Chief Financial Officer


Over 15 years’ experience corporate investment, treasury, accounting and audit