Hussain Ahmad

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Hussain Ahmad | Corporate Manager HR

Hussain brings over 9 years of talent management experience. After receiving a Masters degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from the University of Western Sydney he embarked on his career as Manager of Human Resources in June 2007.

Over the past years Hussain has brought about some important corporate advancements, including: Introducing sturdy assessment processes and utilizing social media to the fullest for maximum penetration in the talent market to attract the very best from around the world. Benchmarking the compensation structure of the company with the top tier organization by consistently participating in Hay and Mercer remuneration surveys to establish and run a fair pay system for the company. Creating and managing a learning environment in the company by engaging and encouraging associates from the very beginning of their Avanceon career, linking assignments and project opportunities to best fit their learning curve.


Corporate Manager HR


Over 9 years of talent management experience