Ahsan Khalil

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Company Secretary / Business Manager [ERP]

Ahsan comes with 12-years experience in Finance Accountancy and Corporate Affairs across diversified sectors. Ahsan began his Avanceon journey in 2004 as a Senior Accounts Executive with major responsibility of leading the accounts department, advancing to Accounts Manager in 2005 and recognized as a permanent member of Avanceon’s core team. Ahsan was entrusted with managing the Finance Department in 2006 where he was responsible for the financial management reporting and fulfilling the financial arrangements of the company including and not limited to banks/ financial institutions/ project based financing/ leasing. In 2009 Ahsan oversaw the implementation of Avanceon’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) business information processing platform Microsoft Dynamics GP, and ensured a smooth and continuous improvement of the system to this day. Ahsan also helped implement the ERP system (Net-suite) of Avanceon LP in 2011 in association with Avanceon Ltd in Pennsylvania USA.

Ahsan was appointed Company secretary in 2014 being an Associate member of Pakistan institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA) and in final stage of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP). Ahsan is currently spearheading the Corporate Affairs division for Avanceon Limited.

Ahsan has also been the core trustee and treasurer of Avanceon Limited Employees’ Provident Fund and has played a major role in managing the fund portfolio while maintaining a steady return for the employees postretirement benefit fund for the last 10 years.


Company Secretary / Business Manager [ERP]


12-years experience in Finance Accountancy and Corporate Affairs across diversified sectors