Process Loop Tuning

Process Loop Tuning

Project Overview

Client: ENGRO Polymer & Chemicals Limited
Location: Port Bin Qasim Karachi, Pakistan
Start Date: Mar 2015
End Date: Mar 2016

Project Scope

Avanceon took the challenge to implement its Energy & Process Optimization Solution (EPOS) along with data historian and performance reporting features in order to meet customer’s challenge. Avanceon’s EPOS is backed by top OEMs; Honeywell, Rockwell, CCC, Invensys etc.


Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited – a 56% owned subsidiary of Engro – is the only fully integrated chlor vinyl chemical complex in Pakistan and also producer of caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, EDC, VCM, along with PVC resin. Engro Polymer is the sole manufacturer of PVC in Pakistan. The business was setup in 1997, with Mitsubishi and Asahi Glass with Asahi subsequently divesting its shareholding in 2006 The complex EDC/VCM process presents avery Challenging control application. In era of efficiency competency and environmental regulations, the uniformity in operations has gained ultimate priority. Hence, it is a pertinent requirement for such a complex plant to decrease variability, increase quality & throughput, reduce energy & cost etc.


The project was the first of its own type for Avanceon to enter into Advanced Process Control (APC) market.
Avanceon deployed its highly skilled and OEM certified process & control specialists to develop and implement the solution. Honeywell’s Tai-Ji PID along with Rockwell’s FT historian, ProcessBook and DataLink were integrated with existing Honeywell’s Experion R310 through OPC communication. The setup allowed Tai-Ji to do “Online Testing” of PID loops with live Experion and plant covering the following features:

    • Step Testing – Configuration of PID loop and step testing in Tai-Ji software.
    • Modelling Identification Test (MIT) – Configuration of PID loop in Tai-Ji and fitting-in the step test responses (settling time, dead time etc.) followed by generating test signals, reviewing the identified model quality and newly proposed P, I and D parameters by Tai-Ji.
    • Modelling Verification Test (MVT) – Perform step test using new P, I and D and repeat MIT.Besides loop tuning and optimization the project deliverables includes performance reporting on remote multi-user level with enhanced HMI graphics.


    • Reduction in variability for columns, furnace and reactors.
    • Controlled caustic & Ph levels and uniformity in heat transfer from cooling water circuit for reactors.
    • Corrections in incinerator’s control logic related to Air to Fuel ratio and master/slave configuration with steam temperature control.
    • Operator work load and dependency decrease for optimum operational control.
    • The project became baseline for Advanced Process Control (APC) to be installed in future at the same plant.

Clients' Review

“We were experiencing frequent problems with our loops, some were operated under MAN mode and those AUTO had mixed responses, some had extremely sluggish and others had aggressive responses. Such a blend of loops resulted in unacceptable variations in plant that were well out of range from set KPI’s. Avanceon diagnosed and mitigated the causes, shifted manual loops to auto, tested and fine-tuned all loops. This project lead us to consider Advanced Process Control (APC) implementation at our plant”

Najam Saeed
Manager E&I

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