Distributed Control Systems

Distributed Control Systems

Project Overview

Client: Presson Descon International Limited (PDIL)
End-User: MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. B. V.
Location: Karak, KPK – Pakistan
Start Date: Oct 2012
End Date: Mar 2014

Project in Numbers

  • Two set of Redundant Honeywell C300 Controllers.
  • 928 Simplex Hardwired IOs.
  • 320 Redundant Hardwired IOs.
  • 10,000 Third Party Soft IOs.
  • Fire & Gas and ESD.
  • Two set of Redundant SIL 3 QMR HIMA HiQuad H51Q Controllers.
  • 5000 Soft IOs on Safe Ethernet
  • 884 Simplex Hardwired IOs.
  • Two set of Redundant Honeywell C300 Controllers.
  • 2856 Inhouse Engineering Hours
  • 1300 Field Engineering Hours

Project Scope

Design, supply and commissioning of Process Control System (PCS), Combined Safety Instrumentation System (SIS) and Fire &Gas System (FGS).

  • Design, engineering, supply& commissioning of Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Design, engineering, supply & commissioning of Combined Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) & Fire and Gas System
  • Design, engineering and supply of CCTV and Anti-intrusion system
  • SCADA system integration with third party systems including compressors, generators, gas chromatograph, flow computer, sand monitor, AC/DC UPS & building fire alarm
  • Supply and commissioning of Fiber Optic patch panels
  • Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting documentation
  • Project management services


Avanceon, immediately invested in its engineers’ comprehensive training at HIMA FZE facility. The project safety system engineer spend more than 4 weeks with HIMA experts to design the system for this project. The investment in training and skills of human resource has been the cornerstone of Avanceon’s success and the same belief helped in ensuring quality of the engineered system that fully complied with international safety standards. Subsequent to the project, Avanceon was awarded the status of HIMA certified system integrator.

Avanceon’s Solution:

  • Honeywell Experion PKS (DCS) – R410 with C300 Processor
  • HIMA Combined F&G and Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) – HiQuad SIL3
  • PI FactoryTalk Historian
  • Honeywell Asset Management System
  • CCTV System- Ocularis with Axis Cameras
  • Anti-Intrusion System – Senstar FPS4-PAK


MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. B.V., as the Operator of the TAL Exploration Block in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kohat District, under a joint venture with Oil & Gas Development Corporation Limited (OGDCL), Pakistan Oil Fields Limited (POL), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and Government Holding (Private) Limited (GHPL) have constructed the Makori Gas Processing Facility (GPF). This facility is built for the production of Natural Gas, Oil/Condensate and LPG using gas primarily from wells of Makori.

It is also integrated with wells from Mamikhel and Maramzai fields that normally go to the existing facility (CPF). The new GPF produces Stabilized Oil/Condensate, which is transported to the nearest operating refinery through tank trucks, and a Dew pointed Sales Gas from where it is injected into the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Company’s (SNGPL) Gas Transmission Network. LPG is also loaded to trucks.

The$225 Millioninvestmentof MOL has a capacity of:

  • Gas Processing 150 MMSCFD
  • LPG 427 MTPD
  • Oil 20000 BPD & Condensate 10000 BPD.


The MOL application comprises of wellhead surface facilities for the wells Makori-1, 3, 4,Mamikhel-1, Marmzai-1,Makori East -1,gathering stations VA-MKO-1, VA-MKO-Marmzai and a Gas Processing Facility (GPF). The system was successfully commissioned for a total of 06wells,04 gathering station and a main gas processing plant. The designed system has the spare capacity to include 5 more wells for future expansion. The success of the project can be judged by the fact thatMOL awarded Avanceon another project of 4 wellheads.

Clients' Review

“Avanceon has always been at the forefront when it comes to Oil & Gas solutions. Once again their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in implementing a project with specific international safety and compliance consideration whilst delivering a solution that provides for operational excellence”

Muhammad Shoaib
Manager Instrumentation-PDIL

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