Building Management System

for New Port Terminal Buildings, Qatar



End User: NPP Authority, State of Qatar
Location: Mesaieed, Qatar
Start Date: Feb 2016
End Date: Nov 2016


Trans Gulf Engineering Services contracted Avanceon to install Building Management System to control and monitor HVAC systems for twelve buildings under the Qatar New Port Package 0032

Project Scope

  • Project Management, System Engineering, System Integration, Control Logic and Application Software development, Documentation, Preparation of drawings and FAT of the BMS/HVAC System.
  • Site Supervision of Installation, Avanceon provided the services of three qualified system engineers with a team of Installation supervisors and workers.
  • Commissioning of the complete BMS/HVAC system.
  • Operational Training to the end user.


  1. Field installation and cabling of HVAC Devices for 12 Buildings
  2. Integration of equipment with DDC Controllers on different protocols like BACnet, Modbus and hardwired I/Os for all 12 BMS/HVAC Systems.

Projects in Numbers

Schneider Automation Servers
Hardwired IOs
Soft IOs
Back-Office engineering hours
Field engineering hours


Avanceon proposed Schneider’s BMS for the New Port Package 0032.

  1. Struxureware Building Operation Advanced Displays for monitoring and control of the buildings.
  2. Schneider Automation Server with local input/output modules for field equipment control.

The Schneider Automation Server can communicate with other third-party systems like Fire Alarm System, VRF System, Security System, Lighting Control System, Chiller Plant Manager and Air Handling Units on open protocols like BACnet, Modbus and LonWorks.

Control Equipment Used:
Struxureware Building Operation displays for Monitoring and Control of twelve DDC control panels.
DDC Control panels included Schneider Automation Servers and its local IO modules and Panel Mounted Struxureware Advanced Displays. Automation Server to control all MEP services and field instrumentation as well as communicate with third party devices on Open Protocol for monitoring and control.

The Smart Struxureware BMS is of distributed system architecture and has three level of control as shown:

Building Automation Level:
Consists of field sensors, volt-free contacts and intelligent standalone DDC BACnet controllers. The operation associated with the equipment is achieved in this level itself without intervention of any higher network devices.

Field Level:
Consists of automation and enterprise servers that are capable of handling and storing the Building Automation functions like Trends, History, Totalization, Alarm Routing, Co-ordination with field devices for alarms or any information, optimum start/stop etc.

Information Management Level:
Consists of human-machine interface such as Advanced Displays Operator, Workstations, Graphics User Interface, Information Management to format according to the client’s requirements.

Major Components of Smart Structure Building Management /HVAC Systems include:

Advanced Display HMIs

Automation Server

Automation Server IO Modules

Field Devices


The aim of the project was to supply, install, test and commission HVAC/Building Management System for the twelve buildings under NPP0032 package with local monitoring and Control. In addition to BMS/HVAC control system supply, instrumentation and its installation was also included in the scope of the project.

Below are the key objectives that were accomplished over the course of this project.

  • Supply of BMS/HVAC material as per approved BOM
  • Furnish Design documentation
  • Perform Factory Acceptance for BMS/HVAC control panel and instrumentation hardware
  • Installation of supplied BMS/HVAC material including Control Panels, HVAC instruments with cabling except containment work
  • Commissioning

Project Milestones and Critical Activities Achieved

Following is a list of major milestones and critical activities achieved during this project.

Clients' Review

“The best performer in their whole EPC project is Avanceon and it is because of their Quality, Delivery, and Professionalism”

Contract Manager
Trans Gulf

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